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问题 Passage 2 Exceptional children are different in some significant ways from others of the same age, for the same age, for these children to develop to their full adult potential, their education must be adapted to those differences. Although we focus on the needs of exceptional children, we find ourselves describing their environment as well. While the leading actor on the stage captures our attention, we are aware of the importance of the supporting players and the scenery of the play itself. Both the family and the society in which exceptional children live are often the key to their growth and development. And it is in the public schools that we find the full expression of society's understanding the knowledge,hopes, and fears that are passed on to the next generation. Education in any society is a mirror of that society. In that mirror we can see the strengths, the weaknesses, the hopes, the prejudices, and the central values of the culture itself. The great interest in exceptional children shown in public education over the past three decades indicates the strong feeling in our society that all citizens, whatever their special conditions, deserve the opportunity to fully develop their capabilities. "All men are created equal." We've heard it many times, but it still has important meaning for education in a democratic society. Although the phrase was used by this country's founders to denote equality before the law, it has also been interpreted to mean equality of opportunity. That concept implies educational opportunity for all children--the right of each child to receive help in learning to the limits of his or her capacity, whether that capacity be small or great. Recent court decisions have confirmed the right of all children--disabled or not--to an appropriate education,and have ordered that public schools take the necessary steps to provide that education. In response,schoolsaremodifying theirprograms,adaptinginstructiontochildrenwhoare exceptional, to those who cannot profit substantially from regular programs. In Paragraph 2, the author cites the example of the leading actor on the stage to show that__________.
选项 A. the growth of exceptional children has much to do with their family and the society B. exceptional children are more influenced by their families than normal children are C. exceptional children are the key interest of the family and society D. the needs of the society weigh much heavier than the needs of the exceptional children
答案 A
解析 在第二段,作者举例说,舞台上的主角吸引了我们的注意力,但我们没有忽视配角的支持与舞台布景的衬托。下文的exceptional children与例子中的leading actor相对应;下文的family和society与例子中的supporting players和scenery相对应,从而说明了超常孩子的成长与家庭和社会有很大关系,故选A。


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